Supporting the move to a global low-carbon economy through sustainable investment
To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy.

BARACK OBAMA, Address to Joint Session of Congress, Feb. 24, 2009

Our current opportunities include operational assets and plants under development in the fields of solar PV, biomass and biogas.

We are actively looking for viable renewable energy investment opportunities, including in Ireland. We carefully choose our acquisitions and development projects based on their commercial viability, long-term income potential and defined exit strategy.

Our Acquisitions Manager and senior analysts conduct in-depth due diligence, research and analysis on each potential project. We engage established experts in the specific renewable energy involved to ensure project success.

In total, Solar 21 projects have the capacity to produce a quarter of a million kWh per annum of electricity, preventing approximately 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

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